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Are Dental X-rays Safe? Of Course They Are!

The question we’re hearing a lot lately from patients is, “Are dental X-rays safe?” And we’re happy to report, once and for all, that YES — getting X-rays at the dentist’s office is indeed safe.

At Howell Dental Associates, we would never put our patients at risk. In our office, Dr. Jason Goldberg and his team are qualified professionals who always follow the latest ADA safety guidelines when it comes to oral health. When you come to our dentist for X-rays, we:

  • Always use a leaded apron to protect you
  • Only prescribe X-rays when they’re absolutely necessary
  • Never take unnecessary risks with your health
  • Always answer all of your questions about the procedures we’re performing


We take dental X-ray safety very seriously at Howell Dental Associates. And if you’re wondering are dental X-rays safe, you can rest assured. We wouldn’t perform them if they weren’t. Period.

Taking X-rays at the Dentist is Valuable for Healthy Teeth

But X-rays are more than just a safe procedure; they’re a necessary one, too. The reason a dentist takes X-rays is because it’s the best way to see how healthy your teeth are. We take X-rays of your teeth to see if:

  • You have any cavities
  • You have any infections
  • Your teeth look unhealthy at the base
  • Your teeth are impacted
  • You still have your primary teeth
  • You’re losing any bone density
  • Your jaw is healthy
  • You need to have a tooth removed


At Howell Dental Associates, we always put our patients first. If you’re worried about seeing a dentist for X-rays, come by to see us. We’re always happy to answer your questions and alleviate your concerns.

If you’re worried about seeing your dentist for X-rays, don’t be!  Dr. Goldberg and his staff taken dental X-ray safety seriously. To make an appointment with our dedicated team of oral health providers, call New Jersey’s Howell Dental Associates today at (732) 363-5115 to schedule an appointment with our specialists!